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110/220 volts kitchen appliances and electronics

Order any product in BULK and contact us to get a SPECIAL PRICE.

Are you tried of your old grinder/mixer?


We will exchange your old blender, grinder or mixer for an Indian mixer/grinder.

Certain restrictions apply.  E-mail us to get more information.


 We can transfer your home movies to DVD. Bring us your old 8mm reel film or Betamax tapes.  Bring us your VHS or S-VHS tapes, MiniDV, Hi8/8mm cassettes.  You can also bring you camcorder's DIGITAL CARD.  We'll take your photos and videos and make a DVD for your family to enjoy

We can also convert to/from foreign video formats.



Call us now and get an about 50% discount on selected conversions only.

Print our Conversion Request form. Complete it and send it with your video or film to us. You can request labels to be placed on your new DVD. 

E-mail us if you have any questions.









We can also convert your audio reels, 8-track cassettes, LPs, and audio cassette into an audio CD and MP3. 

Ask us for a quote! 

We can mail any order to the military address of the honorable individuals serving our great nation.  All packages are sent securely to the Air/Army Post Office (APO) and to the Fleet Post Office (FPO).

Send them a gift they can use and appreciate.


 We do repairs and servicing on blenders, mixers, and grinders.


We sell replacements parts for many of the kitchen appliances we sell, like seals and weights for pressure cookers, blades and jars for blenders and mixers, and belts for the grinders.

In-store prices are 10% higher than internet prices. 

Call us or e-mail us. We are in Houston, TX (713) 784-3825

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    1 - 24 of 83 items